Tailgates during Football season have been a long southern tradition. Ending the tailgate was a tradition that can only be experience for the first time at LSU. While attending that UT and LSU game in Bouton Rouge, we were closing out the tailgate only to be called back in to form a circle. Suddenly a bottle of Wild Turkey showed up and we were told that we must take a swig of the deadly concoction  before retreating to the game. Well that bottle went around the group of 20 pretty fast, as the visitors started to dissipate , we were brought back and very emphatically told that is not how it was to work.

We could not go to the game until the bottle was finished… Gulp… so down the hatch it went. Circling the group until every last drop was gone. Fun times.

At the Next UT game, our friend and cohort in crime heard about this and brought his favorite bourbon. Maker’s Mark. [Seems Jim has a long history with the brand since one of his relatives was a master distiller]. He said that we only had to do one shot but that would be our tradition for the UT games. Since then we have always enjoyed the closing of the tailgate. After a year or two, Jim had us signed up to be Ambassadors for the brand which meant that our names were added to one of the barrels in Kentucky. Upon maturation of the whiskey, we could go dip our bottles into the lovely red wax for ourselves.

This turned in to a great weekend for Pam and I as we toured several distilleries on the Bourbon Trail. This might have changed how I felt about the golden elixir of life… but that is another story.