Time for new beginnings. I have heard that for ever door that closes; there is a new one that opens. That has certainly been that case for me with Taylored Memories. I have meet some incredible people and watch many children grow through the years. Many families are still Facebook friends. While I am closing this chapter in my life, there are many more adventures to come.

Pam and I have always enjoyed traveling and I have often been remised in not capturing and sharing those adventures. I have decided to turn Taylored Memories into just that; a place to share our travels of the world. Since we have a long list of places that we would like to go and limited amount of time to start, I will be working on adding to the website some of our favorite places that we have been. I hope you enjoy and certainly, ask questions  if you are interested in going to the same places.

Remember, the world is not as big as it once was….