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Commuting to work will not be the same

After three days back from our trip to Venice, I realized that I will not look at commuting the same way again. I miss being able to jump on and off public transportation that is so reliable that you can set your watch to. During the trip, I would get up before sunrise and […]

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Morning walk about….

Wanted to get a early start this morning, so I was up at 5:30am to see the sunrise.  It was great to walk around Venice, Italy and think about the rich history. The smells of coffee and warm chocolate pastries was incredible. Watching the city come alive is truly something amazing. Every where that […]

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Another stamp in the passport

Day one  in Venice, Italy and I have not managed to get lost thanks to the excellent navigation skills by Jeff and Pam. What a gorgeous place. Every where I look, it seems that there is a great image to take or fascinating people to watch.  Will try to post some of images throughout […]

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